Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Valda Berzins

Valda Berzins is one of Victoria’s most inspiring business women. Her illustrious career has traversed over multiple industries and disciplines. Her passions for innovation and strong leadership are the driving forces behind her success in information and business management. As the former Chief Information Officer (CIO) with Australia Post, Victoria Police, and Carlton and United Breweries (Foster’s Group), Valda successfully formulated and implemented key strategic goals including directing takeover and merger activities that managed to propel these organisations to greater heights.

Her pioneering work as CIO is highly recognised within the IT industry and she was awarded the inaugural IT and T’s CIO of the Year as well as many other industry awards. Ms Berzins has been a featured guest and keynote speaker at various business and networking summits both overseas and within Australia.

Valda Berzins also heads an interior and exterior design company (Valdasigns) based in Melbourne. She is known as a designer who applies boundless creative methods to help clients materialise their vision, and then executes this using rigorous formal project management disciplines.

Valda believes in building long-lasting partnerships through innovative, cost effective and honest solutions.